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Conditions Treated by Your Anchorage Chiropractor at Adkins Chiropractic

Chiropractic care and other natural therapies can address a wide range of conditions, from acute pain to chronic illness. Whether you see Dr. Joel Adkins, Dr. Tyler Best or Dr. Kyle Hanford , your Anchorage chiropractor at Adkins Chiropractic will help you rehabilitate from sports injuries, regain your range of motion after a workplace or automobile accident, benefit from drug-free chronic pain management and even take proactive steps to preserve your wellness for life.

Our Anchorage, AK Chiropractor treats a wide variety of conditions.  See how we can help you.

Here are some of the conditions and concerns we can help you with:

  • Sports injuries - Tennis elbow, runner's knee, plantar fasciitis, golfer's elbow can other repetitive strain injuries frequently strike athletes; acute injuries such as torn muscles and herniated discs can also accompany a major collision or fall. We can employ a mix of chiropractic adjustment, physiotherapy, Active Release Therapy (ART), sports massage and corrective exercises to convey a variety of benefits, from tennis elbow or knee pain relief to accelerated healing.

  • Auto accident injuries - Auto accidents can do brutal damage to the human body in the form of whiplash, seat belt injuries, sciatica, shoulder problems, subluxation (spinal misalignment) and soft tissue strain. We can relieve the referred pain and other symptoms caused by pinched nerves and herniated discs while also prescribing physiotherapy and massage to help injured tissues feel better and heal faster.

  • Personal and workplace injuries - Injuries can happen anywhere, from back strain when lifting a heavy object at work to tripping and falling in your home. The resulting injuries to your spinal column or extremities can make everyday tasks impossible -- and they only get worse unless you get them treated properly. Your Anchorage chiropractor will perform a thorough evaluation and prescribe a personalized treatment plan of conservative care.

  • Chronic pain conditions - Chronic pain may be due to joint wear (osteoarthritis), overuse injuries or old injuries that have left internal scarring (adhesions). We can correct your spinal alignment to take excess strain off of weight-bearing joints, while our Active Release Technique can release scar tissue for knee pain relief and improved joint motion.

  • Systemic ailments and disorders - Musculoskeletal imbalances often impair proper nerve signaling, and this in turn can cause entire systems in the body to function inadequately, from immune response to reproductive health. Chiropractic care can improve nerve function to help your body work better.

  • Prenatal discomfort - Pregnancy alters your balance and musculoskeletal system so profoundly that aches, pains, swelling and other aggravations inevitably occur. We can administer gentle chiropractic and massage techniques to help remain comfortable and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

  • Preventative wellness - Why wait until trouble strikes? Periodic spinal wellness checks allow us to perform incremental adjustments to keep your nervous system (and the rest of you) enjoying optimal wellness.

How Can Our Anchorage Chiropractic Clinic Help You!

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