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From 329 DemandForce Reviews

Rating Name Date Review
5 Daniel Gallagher 2013-03-21 When I visited Adkins Chiropractic, it was the first time I'd ever been to a chirporactor
so I was a bit nervous. However from walking in to leaving I was met with nothing but
positive and caring people who were very nice from check in, assessment and check
out. Dr. Adkins and his team not only explained things to me in a way I could
understand them, they did so before doing anything so I knew what was going to
happen. They were by thorough in making sure I knew what was going on on the
x-ray, treatment and for follow up appointments. It was. A great first visit that will have
me returning much more confidently in the future.
5 Kim Murphy 2017-04-23 Very caring and professional doctor
5 Sarah Nye 2017-04-11 An amazing experience. They always take my concerns and thoufht into account.
They work with my insurance (even tho it's not the best out there for sure) and have
always been kind and friendly with me. Many appointments at the times I need for my
schedule and just all around a wonderful practice with remarkable staff and Dr.
Adkins always helps me feel better.
5 Anon 2017-03-29 Very good Hoping for great results
4 Anon 2017-03-28 Great! Very personable and helpful. Dr A went out of his way to address a problem I
didn't even bring up! One point of feed back is the front desk people could add voice
inflection and warmth to their personalities. Even if it's fake it would mirror closer to
what I experienced with Dr. Adkins and his assistant in the back.
5 Greg Davis 2017-03-28 The ART (Active Release Technique) Dr. Best explained the process My hip is
already working better with only one visit and I am ready for my next visit Thanks Dr
5 Anon 2017-03-25 Fixed my pain
5 Lisa Jayne 2017-03-25 Always friendly and professional. Understands my issue & corrects it.
5 Joanne Markson 2017-03-20 Going to a chiropractor can be intimidating but Dr. Adkins always makes me feel
comfortable and at ease. He listens to what I have to say, asks questions and is
always professional.
5 Megan Spadafora 2017-03-19 Very friendly comfortable experience! Instantly felt a difference. Thank you.
4 Michael Brogan 2017-03-15 Please have Katie contact me re: billing when she returns. Thx.... Mick
5 Kim Murphy 2017-03-13 Good doctor. Is genuinely interested in how he can help and what works and what
5 Lori Guyer 2017-03-02 Made me feel comfortable and was very clear about treatment.
5 Jennifer Reinbold 2017-03-01 Always kind. Excellent at diagnosing and treating my many conditions!
5 Katy Borchers 2017-02-27 Amazing from start to finish! The office staff are wonderful: polite, professional and
prompt. Conveniently located and beautiful office. The Doctors are the best and get
results! Throughout the course of my treatment I saw a total of three doctors and
although all three approached my ailment differently, I would walk out feeling better
and see significant results two days later. Specific treatment that immediately
impacted my pain. Great bedside manner and guidance regarding continued exercise
and stretching. When life got in the way and I failed to schedule an appointment, staff
would check in with me. I will continue to visit and highly recommend Adkins
5 Anon 2017-02-23 Cia was fantastic! I had some very tight hip and IT bands and Cia worked them out. I
feel much better and will be back for more.
5 Cher Hampton 2017-02-22 Informative, made me feel comfortable and explained why and what we were doing.
My second chiropractic visit and first in over 10 years.
5 Leah Lugay 2017-02-18 I am always greatly pleased with my visit to Adkins Chiropractic. I get the treatment
and services I need from a friendly staff.
5 Dan Hodgson 2017-02-08 Excellent assistance as always!
5 Kim Murphy 2017-02-08 Excellent Doctor very comprehensive exam. Took a lot of time to listen to me. Great
5 Tony French 2017-02-03 Dr. Adkins did a great job communicating his opinion, treatment plan and the first
adjustment session was very successful. Best described by my kids after I got home
"He's Da Man".
5 Anon 2017-01-28 The office is beautiful and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Best was very
thorough and eased my worries. I felt amazing following my treatment.
5 Anon 2017-01-28 Absolutely amazing!
5 Sylvia Thompson 2017-01-27 Brian uses ART and does an excellent job of keeping my muscles from holding
stress. Neck shoulder and leg issues have stayed pain free.
5 Anon 2017-01-08 Extremely professional. Excellent choice for my neck and back issues
5 Dave Goggins 2017-01-06 Joel is personable and very thorough while evaluating my pain symptoms. He took
the time to explain possible causes to my pain and recommendations to alleviate it.
5 Duane Werner 2017-01-04 As always, Dr. Adkins does what I go to him for. He is not only good at his job in
getting the aches and pains to go away but he and the staff are all extremely polite,
courteous and helpful. I recommend his office constantly. Thank you a million.
5 Anon 2016-12-29 Dr Adkins is AMAZING. My spine feels great--I am no longer stiff and restricted.
5 Anon 2016-12-29 Dr Joel is AMAZING.
5 Kim Murphy 2016-12-11 Shelly is amazing in her ability to make sore tight muscles relax. She is the best
massage therapist I have ever had. She is well educated in her line of work and
provides excellent professional service.
5 Cheryl Huber 2016-12-04 Professional and thorough.
5 Barbara Baum 2016-12-03 Great as always
5 Andrea Conter 2016-12-01 Came in unable to hardly move. Left in much better shape. By this morning I was tip
5 Jennifer Shores 2016-11-30 Dr. Best was very kind and showed appropriate concern for the issue I came in for.
He inspired my confidence and trust in him as a professional. And he has a great
since of humor!
5 Lesley Yamauchi 2016-11-29 I regularly recommend Dr. Adkins to my freinds. After trying Sports Medicine doctors
and several PT professionals in AK and CA I keep returning to Dr. Adkins. My
insurance covers PT and Sports Medicine doctors but PT, DOM, SM have not helped
me. I have spent months in Physical therapy. It is difficult, as my insurance does not
cover Active Release Therapy (ART). Dr. Adkins has consistently helped my mobility
issues improve to the point that I am able to continue most of the sports I enjoy and
daily activities without the prior stress and pain. Thank you Dr. Adkins!
5 Kenneth Jones 2016-11-25 I have been a patient at Adkins Chiropractic for more than three years. A back injury
when I was young has become more painful over the years. Dr Adkins worked with
me prior to back surgery to stabilize my back. He has worked with me post op to get
me up and going again. Brian is an excellent massage therapist that is also part of the
practice. My experience with Adkins Chiropractic has been and continues to be
exceptional. I recommend them without reservation. Dr. Ken Jones,PhD Anchorage
5 Marianne Little 2016-11-13 Feel so much better. Always a great experience when I come in, knowing I will better
when I see Dr Adkins.
5 Anon 2016-11-10 Thorough, comprehensive and excellent chiropractic care
5 Dean Kalbfleisch 2016-11-09 My exam was done in a very professional manner and I walked out of there feeling
much better.
3 Russ Matthess 2016-11-05 Professional staff and experienced doctor. However i came in with pain and left with
pain and soreness. Dr Best adjusted me and though he targeted the right areas I left
sore and still having pain. Apparently no massage therapists were on duty which may
or may not have helped but the option wasnt there to find out either way.
5 Margaret Anibas 2016-10-29 Friendly office staff, beautiful suite, helpful and thorough physician
5 Anon 2016-10-18 Dr. Joel is awesome! He listens to my concerns and addresses them with care.
5 Julie Besch 2016-10-14 Great and friendly service. Dr. Adkins is super professional and extremely
knowledgeable. :-)
5 Michelle Wagner 2016-10-11 Excellent care, professional office.
5 Yvette Tousignant 2016-09-29 Very friendly and helpful
5 Alana Summerlin 2016-09-25 I'm a new patient and a Saturday appointment was great to get started. Front desk
was easy and pleasant, atmosphere is wonderful and relaxing. Dr. Hansford saw me
and we got right down to business with a firm plan. My whole family uses them and I
was the last to join. So glad I did.
5 Hannah Carter 2016-09-24 I always walk out feeling better than when I walked in. I particularly like the ART
combined with chiropractic. It works for me!
5 Mike McGinnis 2016-09-21 Excellent, dedicated, and sincere in resolving my discomfort. Also I was impressed
with knowledge and thoroughness.
5 Anon 2016-09-20 A very professional welcoming place.
5 Elizabeth Thorngren 2016-09-18 I am visiting from out of state and experiencing neck pain. They were able to work me
in. Dr. H is just the best! I have been to many chiropractors in my life and hands down
Dr. H has been the best! A kind, friendly and most professional office. Thank you!
Beth Thorngren
5 Andy Rutledge 2016-09-13 The ladies upfront are super polite and helpful. Kyle is awesome and always takes his
time and makes sure to address all my issues. They are really awesome about
getting me is short notice too!
5 Kim Murphy 2016-09-13 Great care! Very friendly staff and providers.
5 Gary Blount 2016-09-12 The staff is always cheerful and helpful and the care given is always top notch!
5 Anon 2016-09-05 Knowledgeable, friendly, effective. The treatment provided has improved my quality of
5 Cheryl Huber 2016-09-04 Excellent service and care
5 Carol Conley 2016-09-01 Dr Joel Adkins and all of his staff have always shown themselves to be caring,
professional and have great expertise in all that they do.
5 Anon 2016-09-01 Excellent care that includes precise consideration for my specific aches and pains
5 Yvette Tousignant 2016-08-30 Very friendly, helpful and courteous staff!
5 Laura Kompkoff 2016-08-25 I thought my Achilles' tendon injury would stop my running for good. After treatment
with Dr. Adkins and his massage therapist I am able to run pain free! I also learned
how wonderful the treatments made me feel in my everyday tasks as well.
5 Tallee Wellman 2016-08-24 The whole staff definitely cares about my health and even though visiting usually
means I'm in pain, I still always look forward to going in! I Always leave feeling better
than when I got there, mentally & physically!
5 Lisa Murrell 2016-08-16 Knowledgeable front desk staff, really nice office, friendly but professional treatment,
awesome appointment availability, thrilled to be seen here!
5 Kim Murphy 2016-08-11 The best experience I have ever had at a chiropractic appointment! Staff was very
knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Dr. Hanford was exceptional. He explained
everything very thoroughly. I had never experienced ART (Active Release
Techniques) before. It was amazing
5 Donia Deville 2016-08-04 I've relied on Adkins Chiropractic for over 10 years. They have helped me recover
from my bad choices when I've injured myself and from others bad choices that
impacted me and my car. I have been renewed many times and appreciate their kind
and respectful manner when dealing with my aches and pains. You will come away
feeling cared for, not just a client. If you are looking for a chiropractic service for your
family and friends, try Adkins Chiropractic. Your recovery will convince you to stay.
5 Cheryl Huber 2016-08-04 Excellent.
4 Barbara Baum 2016-07-31 I was 5 minutes early yet didn't see the doctor until 25 min after the start time of my
appointment. I can understand some delays, 5, 10, even 15 min but 25 seems
excessive. I can only assume that perhaps a patient was late, thus snowballing it. The
doctor was very nice about it, apologized, and professional. Still - I wish someone
would have knocked on the door at 10 or 15 min after I was to have been seen and
notified me that the doctor would be late due for whatever reason - an earlier patient
coming late to his/her apt. Otherwise the care is excellent as always.
5 Anon 2016-07-29 I thought I would not be able to run again without pain. After a few visits with Dr.
Adkins and crew I am running pain free! Everyone is friendly and caring. The office is
1 Annie Aquino-Bernaldo 2016-07-26 Great staff and service!
5 Anon 2016-07-23 Dr. Best was very thorough. Explained what he believed to be causing my pain, and
which treatment he thinks would help. Comfortable environment. Friendly staff.
5 Phyllis Bowie 2016-07-22 Very good service. Felt better after seeing the doctor.
5 Debra Billingsley 2016-07-20 Always professional. Timely. Friendly staff. Good doctor patient rapport.
5 Mary Calisti 2016-07-20 Dr. Adkins and his team fixed me very efficiently and most caringly last year.
Unfortunately, I hurt myself again a couple weeks ago, and I've returned to Dr. Adkins
because I have the greatest confidence in him and his team to do a successful repeat
5 Eloy Soto 2016-07-17 Very patient and kind enough to thoroughly explain everything in a way I would
understand. Definitely will recommend to others.
5 Marianne Little 2016-07-14 Feel so much better, always do when I see Dr Adkins. Keep up the good work.
5 Anon 2016-07-12 Professional, friendly, helpful
5 Jessica Maves 2016-07-04 They listened to what my needs and concerns were about my treatment. They have
been wonderful.
5 Barbara Baum 2016-06-30 Excellent care. Professional, friendly, courteous. I do have a problem, however, with
having to fill out the lengthy health form (4-6 pages) just because I had not seen a
doctor in slightly over four weeks. It had been four week and five days, and I was
required to fill out the form again! I've never had to do this for ANY doctor, dentist or
chiropractic care. If I haven't been in for a more lengthy period of time (say three to
six months or longer), I could understand this, but I think that just because it was just
over the four week mark - ridiculous! The reason given was "insurance purposes," but
I highly doubt that. As stated, I've never had to do this for any other professional care
- ever. Please change your policy or at the very least, print out the first page which
lists name, address, insurance info, etc and whatever other pages can be printed out
so that a patient can review and make changes if necessary. If I have to do this every
time I'm just over the four week mark, then I will definitely find another chiropractor
even though I value the service of Dr. Adkins and his staff.
5 Nicholas Choromanski 2016-06-28 Very professional
1 Phyllis Bowie 2016-06-23 Great personal service
1 Phyllis Bowie 2016-06-22 I received both Professional and personal care .
5 Anon 2016-06-04 I was very happy with my visit. You were very complete with your exam
5 Karen Hickel 2016-06-03 This place is amazing they are always so nice and are extremely good at everything
they do. I especially like ART and I love their massage therapists as well. Thanks
Abkins Chiropractic for always taking good care of me.
1 Renae Bookman 2016-06-02 Place was nice, professional. Staff was friendly BUT during the adjustment he (Dr
Best) seemed unsure of what he was doing and pinched a nerve in my upper
back/neck. My left arm went numb and tingly during the appointment. He said it was
normal since he was pushing on it. I left crying and in more pain then when I went in.
It's been two weeks and my arm is still numb and tingly and now I have to pay for an
MRI to figure out what is wrong. I can't say that I would recommend chiropractic care
but I know some people like it.
5 John Jasinski 2016-06-01 Thank you I feel so much better.
5 Barbara Baum 2016-05-21 Wait time to see the doctor was longer than normal. I had a noon apt but wsan't
called in to the other room until 12:20. Once there I received excellent care. Left
feeling much better.
5 Heather Helzer 2016-05-21 Adkins chiropractic has been nothing but great to me! Dr Hanford and Cia are both
3 James Hines 2016-05-19 I was kept waiting for quite a long time as couple of other staff members came in to
complete different bits of my evaluation for Adkins. My doctor referred me to Adkins
and not one of his staff members. So, I arranged my appointment to insure that I
could see him specifically. However, during the session I was informed by Adkins that
he and Brian worked closely together and he would be treating me from time to time.
This was very disconcerting news. The treatment performed by Adkins was great and
did help. He was very knowledgeable and I could see he was skilled in evaluating my
physical needs however short our time was together.
5 Anon 2016-05-17 Very friendly atmosphere, attentive and professional staff. Dr. Adkins targets the pain
to where I can continue being physically active.
5 Candice Powers 2016-05-17 I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Adkins. After only one visit, I'm able to freely move my
neck and slept through the night, something I haven't done in months due to
headaches and a stiff neck. I'm looking froward to further treatments and being able
to live a pain-free life. The staff at Adkins Chiropractic are friendly and helpful, which
makes the visit to even more enjoyable.
4 Anon 2016-05-17 Awesome, loved the myofascial therapy
5 Terri Drewry 2016-05-11 It was amazing!
5 Catherine Petty 2016-04-30 Great treatment and facility. People are exceptionally nice!! I will make another
5 Eloy Soto 2016-04-13 Super great!
4 Anon 2016-04-11 No complaints
5 Anon 2016-04-06 Great staff and thoughtful effective treatment. Will come back to Adkins
5 Sam Holleman 2016-04-06 Very careful. Got all the information in first and talked about what was happening or
going to happen. I walked out feeling better than when I walked in. Definite difference
in back pain from the adjustments.
5 Karen Howard 2016-04-05 Consistently amazing.
5 Patrice Parker 2016-04-01 Adkins Chiropractic is wonderful. Active Release Therapy works wonders on running
injuries. After a few 15-minute appointments, I find I'm back to running full-time.
5 Anon 2016-03-30 Definitely a great experience. Friendly staff and doctors who were interested to
correct my pain.
5 Anon 2016-03-25 I greatly enjoyed my visit!
5 Lynette Brown 2016-03-25 Great staff..friendly and professional! Questions are answered thoroughly by
everyone from the Front Desk to the Massage Therapist to Dr. Adkins! Would
recommend in a heartbeat!
5 Freddie James 2016-03-23 Great place, great people, and great service
5 Joanne Markson 2016-03-22 Everyone is wonderful!
5 Anon 2016-03-20 Dr. Adkins is the best!
5 Joe Pollock 2016-03-16 I appreciated the care and professionalism that Dr. Hanford provided.
3 Anon 2016-03-15 I will only see Dr. Adkins or Brian. The new Dr. Is very nice but lacks experience. The
adjustment was uncomfortable.
5 Alice Federenko 2016-03-11 From adjustments to a massage, always top notch service and experience. Highly
recommend Adkins Chirpractic!
5 Charles Marler 2016-03-08 Proffessional friendly and most important good at what they do
5 Karen Howard 2016-03-08 A gorgeous lobby welcomes all to Adkins Chiropractic. Front desk ladies greet
patients with warmth and friendliness. Wait times are minimal to none. Doctor care is
genuine and exceptional. "Second to none" could possibly understate the quality of
this office.
4 Anon 2016-03-06 The staff are all kind, courteous and engaging. They go above and beyond to make
me feel at ease.
5 Marianne Little 2016-03-02 Thank goodness I can walk with out hurting !!
5 Ashlee Borman 2016-03-02 Great, got me all fixed up
4 Anon 2016-02-26 I was greeted by a very professional office staff when I arrived and I felt Dr. Adkins
really took the time to listen and diagnose my injury.
5 Adam Larsen 2016-02-17 The Adkins staff is awesome! They keep me rolling on my bike and running on the
5 Britta Manning 2016-02-16 Very nice office, great customer service with friendly and knowledgable staff.
5 Noah Winsor 2016-02-12 Comprehensive care
5 Anon 2016-02-12 Top notch care! I always feel better when I leave. Pretty amazing.
5 Paul Denyer 2016-02-09 When I first came to you I had been in pain with my left leg for over two and a half
years. As of today my leg is assume with very little pain. Thank you for giving me my
leg back.
5 Karen Howard 2016-02-04 This office is undoubtedly second to none. My experience at Adkins Chiropractic has
been absolutely wonderful. I came in with an injury and have been treated with such
kindness, gentleness and care. These guys are amazing!
5 Marianne Little 2016-01-31 Had a great adjustment. Love the new office, but a little far South. I live on the North
end of town. Staff was very friendly.
5 Anon 2016-01-20 I have had severe neck and back pain for a while now. I don't usually write reviews
but I loved my massage therapist Sia. She focused on my aches and pains and was
deep yet gentle with her massage. Definitely recommend!
5 Erin Smith-Cohen 2016-01-19 A.R.T. WORKS!
5 Keith Burke 2016-01-17 The Adkins group are very welcoming and professional. During the treatment I was
completely informed about what and why the treatment was to accomplish. Excellent
in all ways!
5 Karen Ottenweller 2016-01-12 Brian did a great job. I was very sore and tight from traveling, and felt much better
after my visit.
5 Adam Larsen 2016-01-12 Fantastic!!!
5 Jason Knutson 2016-01-10 The staff are super nice and the Friday hours of operation is very accommodating. I
highly recommend Adkins Chiropractic to anyone. They accept VA patience as well. I
have been to several Chiropractors all over the United States and these guys are
some of the best.
5 Anon 2016-01-06 Excellent service and exceptional treatment!
5 Avery Collins 2015-12-28 Awesome care. Great staff. Best chiropractor in town.
5 Carolyn Johnston 2015-12-13 Thanks for your great care !
5 Paul Denyer 2015-12-11 I have not felt this good in 2,5 years , and the girls at the front desk are very good and
very nice.
5 Paul Duclos 2015-12-10 Very personable, polite and attentive. Saw immediate improvement in mobility after
only one session, would highly recommend.
5 Anon 2015-12-06 I came in for a sports injury and received excellent care. My injury was evaluated
(along with my general chiropractic health) and a course of treatment was created.
Dr. Adkins discussed everything with me prior to instituting treatment, which worked
great! Will definitely continue to use Adkins Chiropractic.
5 Terri Drewry 2015-12-02 The staff was awesome and got me in right away. Thanks so much!
5 Kimberely Mcmillan 2015-11-21 Very knowledgable and friendly. Front desk staff was very polite and efficient.
5 John Jasinski 2015-11-20 Very professional and pleasant visit. I all ready have more rang of motion and less
discomfort. Jazz
4 Shanna Moore 2015-11-18 I went here for a massage and the person who did my massage was great! The new
office was really nice.
5 Jennifer Reinbold 2015-11-10 I could barely move my neck and I walked out feeling fabulous. Thank you!
5 Rebecca Baker 2015-11-05 Dr. Adkins and Dr. Hanford treated me with the upmost professional and courteous
care. 100% satisfaction!
5 Jennie Willis 2015-10-31 Excellent service!!!! Dr. Adkins and staff are great!!! Would highly recommend, quality
of care is above and beyond Excellent!!!! Very accommodating schedule.
5 Melvin Dickerson 2015-10-30 My shoulder had been sore for about a year. After one treatment, the relief was
immediate. Adkins Chiropractic has helped me maintain range of motion in my
arthritic hip for several years now.
5 Annie Aquino-Bernaldo 2015-10-29 Best Chiropractor in town! The front desk staff are amazing!
5 Heather Krause 2015-10-23 Everything was amazing! Great quality of care and very nice staff
5 Dan Hodgson 2015-10-21 Excellent help, rapidly improved my condition!
5 Anon 2015-10-21 Professional and friendly. 1St appointment helped already.
5 Jennifer Reinbold 2015-10-10 very friendly offie! Dr. Adkins got me feeling so much better even after one session
5 Alice Federenko 2015-10-08 Staff if always friendly and knowledgeable. I feel a part of the care process and plan.
Very caring team.
5 Eeva Latosuo 2015-09-30 Dr Adkins and Brian have worked wonders with my lower back. Regular active
release & adjustment sessions have helped me to reduce pain that was restricting my
daily life. Thank you!
5 Jessica Jule 2015-09-25 Great chiropractor and great staff!
5 Courtney Bailly 2015-09-01 Very friendly staff who are very accommodating. I would recommend them for any
pain you are having. They have really helped me with my migraines. Love this place!
4 Paul Denyer 2015-08-26 Neat very clean and the staff very nice.
5 Anon 2015-08-26 Awesome!
5 Anon 2015-08-18 Thorough intake, good assessment, has a plan and made me feel better in one visit.
5 Jessica Walsh 2015-08-17 Dr. Adkins and the staff are professional and helpful. The office runs smoothly from
making the appt to checking out. They are accommodating and friendly. I would
recommend this office to anyone.
5 Kim Haller 2015-08-11 I am thrilled with my results and hope to get my family into the clinic!
5 Anon 2015-08-03 An amazing staff of professionals!
5 DeAnn Wittrock 2015-07-21 I was promptly taken to the exam room and seen. I feel as though I had a more
thorough exam and care than with past chiropractic appointments at other locations. I
think the muscle release compliments the spinal manipulation. Great place I wouldn't
hesitate to recommend to others!
5 Anon 2015-07-15 Always pleasant. Really helped my back spasms!
5 Anon 2015-07-15 Excellent diagnosis of pain and which muscles were sore. Thorough treatment and
explanation given. No unnecessary treatment or X-rays. Also not expensive for self
pay!!! Will be back!
5 Cheryl Huber 2015-07-15 Excellent service and treatment.
5 Adam Larsen 2015-07-15 Awesome staff!!! Dr Adkins and crew are the best i have delt with
4 Michael Ottenweller 2015-07-08 While appointment overall was good, there were a few things that I would like to
address. My time with Dr Adkins felt a little rushed. I had a few follow-up questions at
the end that I would have liked to ask, but he never gave me the opportunity and
seemed in a rush to move to the next patient. Also, there was trouble "spots" that we
(nurse and I) discussed at the beginning of the appointment that were not addressed,
whether with ART or verbally, before I left. I was unsure the plan for those areas and
did not really receive treatment for the pain.
5 Anon 2015-07-01 Friendly staff. Great service.
4 Roger Miller 2015-06-30 The staff was very professional and friendly.
5 Anon 2015-06-30 They've been the only thing that has worked for my back!! Tried many other, won't go
anywhere else!
5 Adam Ahonen 2015-06-29 Treated wonderful, staff is professional and goes above and beyond to help and
accommodate my families needs.
5 Shauna Beard 2015-06-28 Nice, friendly staff, listen and follow up on areas of concern, little or no waiting time in
reception. Like the active release therapy and am enjoying the results of the care I am
5 Aicha Hull 2015-06-19 Adkins chiropractics has really "fixed" me! I tried multiple other modalities without
success. They are professional & always prompt at appointments.
5 Candice Powers 2015-06-11 Best chiropractor I have seen. I've been suffering from headaches for months. I left
my first appointment pain free. Can't wait to go back! Dr. Adkins did a thorough
examination, listened to my concerns, and had a plan of treatment before I walked out
the door. I highly recommend Dr. Adkins and his staff to anyone suffering from pain,
needing an adjustment, or simply seeking wellness in their life. You won't be
5 Anon 2015-06-06 Professional, organized, clean. I walked out feeling like a new person.
5 Anon 2015-05-29 Nice facility, great staff, Dr. Adkins was thorough and provided immediate relief. I left
with exercises to address major issues and another appointment scheduled to follow
up. He also accepts my insurance and staff provided me with details as to what is and
is not covered in my plan.
5 Anon 2015-05-29 Excellent staff and care
5 Aicha Hull 2015-05-29 It was great!
5 Marianne Little 2015-05-04 Really like your stand in while you go bear hunting!!!
5 Janice Kretsinger 2015-04-17 I saw Mr Mike. He was very professional and made you feel very comfortable in his
presence. Felt much better after getting adjusted. Am looking forward to the next
5 Anon 2015-04-08 The staff from the front desk all the way up to Dr Adkins is always positive as well as
professional. I always leave the office feeling better physically as well as in good
spirits. They all truly care about each patient's health and do their best to get the
treatments you need on your schedule! I was a Chiropractic skeptic before coming
here, and I was very honest about that with Dr Adkins. He and his staff have since
convinced me that at least in their case, it really is about our health and longevity.
Other Chiro's I've dealt with were about the long term paycheck, NOT here, at Adkins
Chiropractic, the whole staff is really great. Like I said from everyone at the desk, to
ART and Massage, all the way up to Dr Adkins, This practice is built on making
people feel better. (Bonus, they have been a dream to work with on Work Comp
cases too, not just personal conditions)!
5 Marianne Little 2015-04-03 ALWAYS A GREAT FEELING AFTER A VISIT!!! LOVE TO chat with the office staff
they are so friendly!!!!
5 Daniel Siekawitch 2015-03-23 The customer service is always excellent and the staff is always proffesional. Michele
assisted in reducing the pain I was having and I enjoy being a patient there. Thank
5 Ranea Adkins 2015-03-19 The BEST!! :]
4 Denise Hall 2015-03-18 My kids and I have been very happy with Adkins Chiropractic. I refer them to all my
family and friends and will continue treatment with them.
5 Anon 2015-03-16 Everyone at Adkins chiropractic is very professional and knowledgable. I had a great
experience and would surely recommend their services to anyone in need.
5 Heather Poe 2015-03-11 I have officially found myself another chiropractor that ACTUALLY works! Praise the
Lord! Bedside manner is wonderful. My body response so well to ART but when it
didn't Dr. Adkins responded with a different Chiropractic method that worked! Feeling
good and super excited about this office taking my insurance and HSA!
5 Andrea Conter 2015-03-04 As always a great visit!
5 Kristy Grawunder 2015-03-04 Professional, caring staff. I highly recommend Adkins Chiropractic.
5 Anon 2015-02-25 Great experience- the staff is excellent and always professional
5 Ronald Stevenson 2015-02-12 Thank you! I hobbled in, I walked out! The pain was greatly reduced almost
immediately and today I'm feeling much better.
5 Anon 2015-02-10 It was nice to feel better than I did when I got there after a adjustment . Can't wait to
continue the great progress .
5 Sarah Fritts-Reilly 2015-02-06 As always the care I received from Dr. Adkins was wonderful. However I was upset
that I was charged for a full re-assessment the charge was at least $100. I was told it
was because I hadn't come for a visit in a while, when in fact I have only been going
to Dr. Adkins for maybe six months tops. And I'm not sure exactly how a full
assessment which only involved my blood pressure being taken temperature and me
filling out a checklist how that is worth $100. I was never told that this was going to
happen when I initially scheduled the appointment I only was told as I was settling the
bill at the end of the appointment. It feels as though I'm being financially punished for
my own good health.
5 Cathy Lecompte 2015-01-22 Good experience - good results
5 Anon 2015-01-22 At my first visit- The desk staff was very friendly and super helpful. I really liked how
they checked with my insurance before my first appt at my request and she sat down
to breakdown the costs before we started. Dr Adkins was very quick and thorough
with his examination and I liked how he decided to start with a few things to try first,
instead of throwing everything at me all at once. I feel very confident that he has my
best interest at heart. Hopefully we can get my back issues worked out!
5 Adam Larsen 2015-01-20 Excellent care! Great staff. Friendly enviroment.
5 Brehan Kohl 2015-01-14 Dr. Joel knows exactly where your problem spots are and gets you back to normal in
no time. He is hands on and is the best chiropractor I've been to. Cia, the massage
therapist there is AMAZING. Her hands heal. They are both intuitive to where your
pain originates.
5 Scott Buda 2015-01-10 Everyone was super friendly. Dr. Adkins had diagnosis as soon as we talked during
our consultation.
5 Melissa Roberts 2014-12-24 Excellent customer service when I arrived and left. Superb medical assistance from
both Dr. Adkins and Brian. I'm looking forward to having "better feet" in no time.
5 MaryAlice Donaldson 2014-12-23 Very helpful as always!!!
5 Jolene McJunkin 2014-12-09 The care and professionalism is very, very good! The office staff make scheduling
and the business end of your relationship, clear and efficient. They have always been
friendly and empathetic. The therapy is a little different from previous chiropractic
care. But it is very effective and I felt the treatments helped my body heal and repair
in a way that supported muscle and skeletal balance.. Would I recommend them?
5 Anon 2014-12-09 This was my first experience with a chiropractor, I was referred here by a long time
patient who swore this was a great place to go. After my visit, I was very satisfied with
my experience. The annoying discomfort in my upper back and neck have been
dramatically reduced in one session. So far so good.
5 Patricia Stith 2014-12-05 Dr. Adkins was very attentive, didn't rush and spent the time to figure out what was
bothering me and how to approach it. I was very impressed.
5 Melissa Grieve 2014-12-05 I have finally found a team who provides the necessary information and positive
encouragement to get my health on track.
5 Anon 2014-11-15 Staff appears to be organized, professional and shows courtesy towards patients. In
addition, respects privacy while not talking about their personal issues in the lobby in
front of customers -excellent professional ethics. Thank you
5 Anon 2014-11-13 Dr. Adkins listens to what's going on with my body and works to restore alignment
and reduce my pain.
5 Anon 2014-11-13 Thank you Adkins Chiropractic for helping me. The appointments are always on time,
efficient and professional. It is amazing how much better I feel since one year ago!
4 Margaret Anibas 2014-11-06 Very professional staff. Tasteful decor of waiting area and exam rooms. Great follow
up exercises.
1 Marianne Little 2014-11-01 Feel so much better when I have been in for an adjustment.!!! Especially when I do
something like falling down which is a NO!NO! at my age.
5 Linda Cross 2014-10-22 My first experience at Adkins Chiropractic was met with team of health care
professionals that completed a good investigations of past and current conditions. Dr.
Adkins asked many questions and showed extreme confidence in getting my issues
resolved. I am looking forward to the hard work that the staff and I will have to
complete in order to advance my healing process. Thanks, Linda
5 Ronald Stevenson 2014-10-15 The staff was very professional and friendly and I felt very comfortable from the
moment I walked in the door. Dr. Adkins was very knowledgeable and, between him
and Brian, I walked out of the office feeling much better than when I hobbled in.
Thank you!
5 Anon 2014-10-14 Always a great experience. Dr. Adkins knows his stuff, I'm always impressed.
5 Lori Guyer 2014-10-09 Best treatment, dedicated to fixing your issues, extremely knowledgable
5 Julie Maker 2014-09-30 Absolutely fantastic
5 Anon 2014-09-26 This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I appreciated the time spent to
help me understand what could be done and what couldn't be done. I had my initial
treatment and am looking forward to the next one. Staff was very helpful.
5 Anon 2014-09-25 I had been experiencing pain in my knee for two months. I am a very active person
and this was very problematic. I was referred to Dr. Adkins by a friend and the
experience was life-changing. In my first appointment Dr. Adkins and his caring
assistant restored my knee functioning to its normal capacity. Dr. Adkins helps you
understand the problem and, not only offers solutions, but is your partner in restoring
your health. We are fortunate to have Dr. Adkins in our community and I can't thank
him enough for his skills!!!
5 Sylvia Thompson 2014-09-13 Cia is able to pinpoint the areas where I need the most work in her massage therapy.
She is an excellent therapist and able to relieve my pain issues.
5 Brian Hedrick 2014-09-09 The staff was extremely polite and helpful. I felt better than I have in years when I left
after having a massage and adjustment.
5 Anon 2014-09-04 Very kind an efficient. Explained all interventions
5 Jodi McLaughlin 2014-08-28 It is always a great experience to go into the office. Every. time. One looks forward to
going and feels better when they leave, not just because of physical ailments
addressed. It's the friendliness, humor, caring, and cheer, you have the capacity to lift
spirits and calm the mind. I always leave with smile regardless how the day has gone
up until heading your way.
5 Judith Williams 2014-08-23 I've had back problems my whole life. I had back surgery several years ago and was
fine for a long while. But time and arthritis took their toll and I developed terrible pain
in my hips and eventually my knees. After going through ART for the past month, a
couple of days ago I was able to exercise without pain in my hips for the first time in
almost a year. I know I'll have to deal with this for the rest of my life, but now I also
know there's someone who can help me lead a normal life. I've been looking for this
kind of help for a long, long time.
5 Sarah Fritts-Reilly 2014-08-07 Very polite staff, and skilled practitioner!
5 Anon 2014-08-05 I feel much better and am going to come back. I like the email, text outreach, i like
that I can come for a short, affordable appointment and I mostly like that I feel better
after the Active Release provided by Dr. Adkins!
5 Sylvia Thompson 2014-07-25 Cia always provides an excellent massage. She is able to hone in on areas that are
causing issues. Her expertise has helped create a painful free body. Hooray !
5 Judith Williams 2014-07-24 I've had chronic back problems my whole life and have seen dozens of chiropractors
over the decades. I can honestly say that Dr. Adkins' ACT (Active Release
Technique) is providing me with the kind of relief I haven't felt for years. In an age
when a lot of chiropractors do the same limited manipulations over and over, Dr.
Adkins, thankfully, is more like the doctors from a former time; doctors who took your
whole body into consideration.
5 Anon 2014-07-22 Friendly, professional, helpful and effective treatment.
5 Annie Aquino-Bernaldo 2014-07-21 Best one in town!
5 Marianne Little 2014-07-10 As always I feel a lot better!!! So glad I started with Atkins when I came back to
5 Anon 2014-06-25 Staff was very friendly and they got me in right away. A thorough assessment was
done and they were able to start working on me right away.
5 Lesley Yamauchi 2014-06-16 The office reception is always courteous, pleasant, and helpful. Dr. Adkins is warm,
personable and most importantly gets all the stiff muscles, scar tissue build up, and
sore spots in good working order again. I am a swimmer, biker, and runner who feels
very lucky to have his services. He has worked on almost every muscle from the back
of the neck to the bottom of my feet. I highly recommend Dr. Adkins for active
5 Dan Hodgson 2014-06-14 Dr Adkins does an outstanding job at improving my range of motion and getting me
back on my feet!
5 Erika Wessel 2014-06-14 As always Dr. Adkins and his staff did not disappoint. ALWAYS professional, from the
minute you walk in, and always effective. If another appointment is needed soon, they
go out of their way to get in so they can resolve whatever issue you are having with
your body.
5 Anon 2014-06-04 Always leave feeling better than when I walked or limped in!! STaff is VERY friendly
and welcoming!!
5 Wende Irick-Burke 2014-05-29 Always Great! I am always amazed they can put me back together! What a wonderful
group of professionals! Wende Irick- Burke
5 Sylvia Thompson 2014-05-28 Cia does an amazing job of massaging the areas I am most in need of. She is
5 Kelly Saloka 2014-05-23 FEELING VERY ENCOURAGED!!! Dr. Adkins is very knowledgeable with regard to
the mechanics of soft tissue damage as well as spinal alignment. He was able to
provide some relief for my chronic myofascial pain syndrome on my first visit using
ART (active release therapy). I have a ways to go, but some relief without NSAIDs or
Tylenol is really encouraging. I am looking forward to my next visit to see what the
outcome is!
5 Anon 2014-05-22 A wonderful office. I was late due to a school function and they were still able to fit me
in which was above what I think an office should do and the front staff was still
professional and didn't make me feel like a horrible person. Adkins makes you feel
very comfortable and you really feel like he wants to help you and knows what he is
doing. Thank you!
5 Jamey Snow 2014-05-21 Detailed scientific approach. Most well rounded and thorough I've been to. Great for
sports injuries
4 Anon 2014-05-17 Great results.
4 Anon 2014-05-15 I felt comfortable right away from the front desk lady to when I walked into the room
with Dr. Joel as he listened to my history of pain in my body..Then worked on my sore
muscles..Talked about the wellness plan he had for me..very impressed with the care
I received today...
4 Anon 2014-05-03 They know what they're doing
5 Amber Stull 2014-05-02 Are you busier with new patients? If you haven't noticed, I send clients and athletic
friends your way on a daily basis! Adkins Chiro ROCKS! Thorough, professional and
punctual... Your team really knows their stufff and knows how to get things done
quickly in this busy time we live in! Keep up the great work! I look forward to the
"good" pain, see you again next Monday! Your biggest fan, Amber Stull from Chain
Reaction Cycles~
5 Amanda Coyne 2014-04-08 My shoulder feels better than it has it years.
5 Sheila Soukup 2014-03-31 Always professional, prompt and caring. Gained great information and feeling so
much better!
5 Marianne Little 2014-03-27 Always great to come in and to be made better. Office staff are great to talk to.
5 Jamie Blom 2014-03-27 the front desk staff was very friendly and helpful, and michelle was wonderful. a very
good experience all around.
5 Anon 2014-03-20 Very good chiropractor!
5 Sheryl Bean 2014-03-19 I have been having foot pain for about 6 years and Dr Adkins has help me get some
relief of pain by working on my feet, after a treatment I feel so relived that I wish I
could go everyday ,to have my feet feel like feet again is amazing.
5 Anon 2014-02-28 I enjoyed getting relief for my back. The clinic is kept very clean and the office staff
always greats you with a smile.
5 Jason Walsh 2014-02-08 Everybody was great. I appreciate Joel's attention and his problem solving. I really
appreciate the use of technology, texting , email , to make things easier. Thanks
5 Sylvia Thompson 2014-01-25 Cia was fabulous. I always leave feeling relaxed and much better
5 Timothy Kavanagh 2014-01-22 Active Release Techniques (ART) works! The Adkins team has helped me return
from episodes of immobilizing pain to a happier active lifestyle. I remain grateful to
everyone at the Adkins Clinic for assisting me on life's journey! Thank you! TK
5 Shelly Lindell 2014-01-14 Always effective and great results. Friendly and caring.
5 Anon 2013-12-21 Always friendly
5 Marianne Little 2013-12-13 Feel so much better after seeing Dr Joel. Best adjustment I have had in a long time.
Thanks Dr. Joel!!!!!
5 Sheryl Bean 2013-11-05 Very thankful to be released from my pain ! I recommend highly ! Very perfesinial and
very helpful , they got me in the door as a new patient right away and got right to the
source of my pain!!!! Very pleased!
5 Gregory Summerlin 2013-10-31 Always professional and friendly!
5 Adam Larsen 2013-10-29 Excellent staff. Verry friendly.. Clean and a professional enviroment.
5 Lori Guyer 2013-10-25 Everyone was so nice. I was very impressed with how the front desk staff called my
insurance (didn't just file) and then they explained exactly how much my insurance
would cover for different kinds of treatment. They were clear and made sure i
understood. Very much appreciated. Not every clinic does such a thorough job in this
area. My actual treatment was excellent. They explained what they were doing and
made sure i was feeling ok the entire time. Dr. Adkins was very optimistic that with a
few weeks of treatment I would have my issues resolved. Great service and thanks to
all my friends who are exceptional althelets for recommending Adkins!
5 Anon 2013-10-17 Feel so much better and appreciate their continual assessment towards my
improvement. The appointments are efficient and very effective.
5 Shaun Stark 2013-09-27 I have been seeing a different chiropractor for about six years. They were constantly
over booked and took weeks to see me. In desperation I sought out a new place to
go. Having almost chronic neck issues due to an accident years back I needed a
place that would listen to me and respond to my needs accordingly. The Adkins group
saw me the day after my first call, and were extremely friendly and professional. They
listened, in detail, to my issues and what had caused them. I can honestly say that
within two weeks my issue disappeared and I was feeling like a new person. The
constant neck discomfort, and headaches that caused were gone. Within a month I
was down to seeing them only when I had a flare up. Even now I can call and have an
appointment within two days. And when a migraine due to your neck locking up is a
strong possibility, having everything loosened and treated is extremely important.
They are a wonderful group, caring, compassionate and personal. Thanks all for your
hard work, and dedication to your customers!
5 Robert McVitty 2013-09-26 I selected Adkins Chiropractic for their skill in Active Release therapy ( ART ). I prefer
the combination of traditional spinal adjustment and and deep muscle manipulation.
Staff is always pleasant and facility is clean and neat. I would recommend for anyone
with sports related injuries
5 Nathan Oxner 2013-09-24 Cia was amazing and very professional love the environment thank you very much I
already rebooked see you soon Nathan Oxner
5 Laurie DiFrancesco 2013-09-18 Dr. Adkins is awesome! I went in to see him for the first time on a Monday, woke up
the very next day, and was pain free for the first time in weeks! My lower back pain
and headaches are gone. He is very gentle and reassuring, and has come up with a
plan to help keep me feeling great and staying active. I am very grateful that I went to
Adkins Chiropractic! And by the way, this is coming from someone who has never
been to a chiro, and very fearful of chiro's too.... I can't say enough, and highly
recommend him.
4 Anon 2013-09-17 My first experience to the office was pleasant. Friendly office people. Knowledgable
Dr. Will continue on as a patient here.
5 Neil Kersten 2013-09-02 After the one app't my back pain was gone. Was fairly sore the next day, but by day
three all pain was gone. Thanks
5 Susan Dickerson 2013-08-28 Adkins is a profession and friendly office.
5 Margaret Egan 2013-08-25 Efficient but warm and caring.
5 Erika Wessel 2013-08-22 Everyone is Always great, pleasant and professional
5 Gary Blount 2013-08-17 Have always helped with any problem I've had.
5 Adam Larsen 2013-08-16 Excellent customer service.. Very friendly Expert clinicians
5 Elaine Kiernan 2013-08-14 Excellent in every way.
5 Gary Haynes 2013-08-13 Service was fast and professional.
5 Signe Pignalberi 2013-08-08 The staff is kind, patient and efficient; manipulations and procedures are always
explained, as are at-home exercises. I've already recommended this practice to
several friends and co-workers.
5 Patricia Wyant 2013-08-08 very friendly staff and doctor .. would recommend you to any one needing help ...
5 Christy Hedrick 2013-08-07 Always love the care I get from Dr. Adkins and his staff.
5 Terri Drewry 2013-08-03 I feel much better. Thank yooooooou!
5 Nelson Keaton 2013-08-02 So knowledgeable! My son will benefit greatly! Looking forward to more PT
5 Anon 2013-07-31 Friendly environment knowledgable staff
5 Camille Rogers 2013-07-27 Cia is amazing and works wonders!
5 Anon 2013-07-23 Efficient staff, kind and thoughtful care.
5 Anon 2013-07-22 Dr. Joel Adkins is the best, he saved me from having surgery on my shoulder. I would
recommend anyone with a shoulder impingement injury to try 'active release therapy'.
After two months of treatment the range of motion and level of pain improved 80%.
5 Christy Hedrick 2013-07-10 The service at Adkins is great! Dr. Adkins and his staff are excellent and I refer them
frequently to my family, friends and co-workers.
5 Sarah Kleedehn 2013-07-05 Dr. Adkins and his staff are the best. They are professional, kind, and I always leave
the office feeling better after my Active Release therapy. I would highly recommend
this team of professionals.
4 Anon 2013-06-28 Knowledgeable and personable staff. I'm hoping the Active Release Therapy will be
exactly what my body needs. Feeling great!
5 Dan Hodgson 2013-06-23 Dr Adkins does an outstanding job in identifying and fixing health issues!
5 Anon 2013-06-22 Great Place for ART.
5 Erika Wessel 2013-06-21 Best chiropractic care in Anchorage! I have seen numerous chiropractors, in and out
of state, and Dr. Adkins is by far the best. He never rushes, and takes his time. Very
caring and professional. The entire staff is wonderful, helpful and spends the time to
ensure you are getting what you need.
5 Joette Shaw 2013-06-21 Michelle always does a wonderful job! Thank you!
5 Margaret Egan 2013-06-21 My first appointment was this morning. I have been in countless doctor's offices in my
lengthy life and have experiences very few that could touch the welcoming
atmosphere of Dr. Adkins staff. They were able to maintain a professionalism ,as well.
Dr. Adkins put me at ease immediately during his exam. I am confident that I am in
the best hands for my Chiropractic health needs.
5 Michele Deckard 2013-06-16 I have been getting massages every other week for a couple years and decided to try
Cia at your office, It was easily the BEST massage I have ever had. She was very
professional, capable and knowledgeable. I will be referring my clients to your office
for services. Thank you Michele Deckard
4 Vickie Becker 2013-06-14 Good Everyone was friendly and nice.
5 Gary Blount 2013-06-11 Always friendly and helpful
5 Anon 2013-06-09 The whole office and staff have continued to be a positive experience!
5 Carleen Ulbrich 2013-06-05 Thank you! Both Joel and Brian keep me running! I recommend your office every
chance I get.
5 Joshua Horner 2013-06-03 I always recommend Adkins chiropractic when people ask me for good chiropractor.
5 Anon 2013-05-29 excellent massage with Michelle.
5 Anon 2013-05-26 Dr.Adkins is a highly skilled chiropractor that makes you feel comfortable and
important. His staff is also always very friendly. Felt immediate relief after treatment.
Highly recommend!
5 Sheila Soukup 2013-05-26 Great care, efficient, never left waiting. Feeling so much better after years of shoulder
and chest pain. Strenuous work but it works!
5 Jennifer Reinbold 2013-05-26 Very knowledgeable. Cured me in a few weeks. Trilled with the care given
5 Michael Helgesen 2013-05-23 Michelle is a godsend. Thanks for all the great work that you do.
5 Angel Ortiz 2013-05-20 Great massage and facility.
5 Brianne Keifer 2013-05-17 Great, already feeling better after one visit!
5 Monique Scott 2013-05-13 Staff and doctor are all very professional and nice. Amazing experience
5 Keri Clark 2013-05-13 Friendly; thorough; personal
5 Teaguen O'Fallon 2013-05-09 Appreciated the time Dr. Adkins spent with us explaining everything that was
occurring and what expectations and plans were.
5 Steven Rychetnik 2013-05-06 Adkins Chiropractic is my new one-stop pain-be-gone master of the universe.
5 Anon 2013-04-25 Very knowledgeable. My pain is already better after one session
5 Justin Little 2013-04-19 Great visit as always, friendly and relaxing. Great personnel and chats with dr Adkins
5 Susan Dickerson 2013-04-19 Dr. Adkins always seems to pinpoint the root of the problem.
5 Lesley Yamauchi 2013-04-06 Dr. Joel Adkins' active release procedures have made it possible for me to happily
continue to bike, swim, and run. I have found great support, advice, and care with Dr.
Joel Adkin's and his team.
5 Andrea Conter 2013-04-05 Excellent as always!
5 Anon 2013-04-04 Bomb diggity
5 Carmel Tysver 2013-04-04 It is great to be pain free after a treatment.
5 Daniel Wyant 2013-03-30 went in with severe pain the next day i felt great
5 George Mayberry 2013-03-17 I received professional medical care and outstanding customer service.
4 Craig Welch 2013-03-15 Enjoyed a great massage from Michelle, and would recommend her to anyone
looking for a superior massage.
5 Jenae Rist 2013-03-13 Always a great experience with Dr. Joel and his staff who are veery friendly and most
helpful. Feeling better after an adjustment just makes it all the better.
5 Sarah Duffy 2013-03-12 Friendly front- desk. Thorough exam. Effective therapy. Felt AMAZINGLY fluid
walking out of the office. It has been months since I have felt this good.
5 Dan Hodgson 2013-03-08 Dr Adkins does an outstanding job helping get through injury and back to unrestricted
movement. Nobody else comes close to his level of effectiveness.....
5 Gary Blount 2013-03-08 Excellent and complete attention to my problem and provision of care!
5 Edward Medaris 2013-03-06 I didn't feel immediate relief when Joel asked me if it was better, but as I walked
toward my car I noticed how much easier it was stepping off the curb. I found it easier
to get out of bed the next morning. The relief isn't as much as I write this, but I am
looking forward to continued improvement as we go forward. Thank you for the help!
5 Carmel Tysver 2013-03-05 Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful.
5 Anon 2013-03-04 Dr. Adkins is the best. Very glad I found him.
5 Anon 2013-02-09 My adjustment was thorough and actually had a follow-up treatment after my
massage. I highly recommend Dr. Adkins Chiropractic to others. Thank You!
5 Anon 2013-02-06 Always a pleasure to come to your office. All the receptionists are very friendly, as
well as Brian. And, Dr. Joel is one of my favorite people; I always look forward to
seeing him. He's a great chiropractor, and I'm going to miss all of you when we move
this coming summer. Thank you for being such a great place to visit.
5 Stacey Brennan 2013-02-06 I had a massage with Cia. The office staff was warm and friendly and the massage
room felt fresh and clean. Cia listened to my needs and addressed them well through
her massage. I walked out of the office feeling better and looking forward to my next
5 Jodi McLaughlin 2013-02-05 Always a good time guys! I went to get 2 jugs each for 3 schools after leaving there,
thx for the tip!
5 Irina Scott 2013-02-01 The staff here is highly professional and helpful. I have a pleasant experience every
time and would recomend them to anyone I know. I was able to achieve great results
in a short amount of time due to high professionalism and knowledge.
5 Sophie Linneman-Betchke 2013-02-01 Wonderful. Everyone is helpful. Relaxing atmosphere. Barely any waiting time.
5 James Boltz 2013-02-01 Excellent professional care as always.
5 Michael Walters 2013-02-01 Very through.
5 Katie Pickerel 2013-02-01 My daughter rarely has to wait to see Dr. Atkins. The atmosphere and assistance in
the office in outstanding! We are very pleased with the diagnosis and care provided
by Dr. Atkins.
5 Carmel Tysver 2013-02-01 I am very please to say I have had very good friendly care. I have recommended this
office to friends and they are also very pleased.
5 Andrea Conter 2013-02-01 I have been to many different chiropractors in Alaska. Some were good and some
were not. None though come even close to the professionalism and quality of care
that I have received at Adkins Chiropractic. I have referred friends, family and
co-workers. I send employees with Worker's Comp cases and they are back on the
job right away. The ART technique that is used is amazing! Thank you to Dr. Joel and
his team for being so wonderful and caring!!!

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